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Fast and Effective Dental Care

Fast and Effective Dental Care We know how many things are on your mind at any given moment and how busy life can get. That’s why one of our goals at Houston Dentists at Oak Point is to provide superior dental care at an efficient pace. We value your time…

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Summer brings people out of the house and out to the beaches, amusement parks, and picnic grounds. Along with the swimming and sports, this means people have more opportunities to try tempting treats. From backyard barbecues to sugary ice cream, there are plenty of summer oral health hazards. While it…

Brush or Floss First

If you enjoy puzzles like “What came first? If you liked “The chicken or the egg?”, you’ll like this one: “Which should you do first, brush or floss?”” Both of these oral hygiene procedures are critical for removing dental plaque, which is a thin bacterial film that accumulates on teeth…

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The aroma of chocolate and love is seductive. Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, and there will be plenty of chocolate to go around. Everything from large chocolate hearts to sticky gummy delights can now be found in store candy aisles. We consume sweet treats until the…

Protecting your Heart by Improving your Gum Health

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we are constantly reminded to appreciate the ones we love. Far too often, we also forget to appreciate and love ourselves. You will want to make sure that you are taking the best care of yourself possible. This includes making sure that your heart is…


Did you know? Keeping up with your twice yearly dental cleaning is critical for maintaining proper oral hygiene.  The tartar that builds up on your teeth cannot be removed by brushing (even with an electric toothbrush) and flossing alone.  You need a professional cleaning by one of our wonderful hygienists,…

Best and Worst Halloween Candies in Houston, TX

Now that the Halloween season is upon is, children everywhere are getting excited about selecting their costumes and heading out into the neighborhood to collect all sorts of tasty treats. While it is certainly true that an excessive amount of candy can cause tooth decay and other dental problems, there…

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Everyone knows how important it is to brush their teeth regularly. However, is it possible to overbrush your teeth? The truth is that many dentists do say it is possible. Overbrushing your teeth can lead to damaged gums and teeth. What exactly is overbrushing and what type of damages can…

Brush or Floss First

Oil pulling has been used in India for hundreds of years to provide dental health benefits. Claims have been made that it will freshen a person’s breath, whiten their teeth, and improve their overall oral health. This treatment is starting to be used in many other countries and is increasing…

Toothpase Toothbrush Floss Dental Flossers

If you’re in Houston or any of the surrounding cities, chances are you’re gearing up to send your children back to school after a long summer break. For most parents, this means stocking up clothes, shoes, and various school supplies. Some parents may even go a step further by scheduling…

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The Stages Of Gum Disease

Healthy gums are the foundation of a bright smile, but neglecting them can lead to trouble. Early detection is key to preventing serious complications, so join us as…

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Root Canals: Busting Myths

Fearful of a root canal? You’re not alone! The thought of a root canal may make you fearful or anxious if you aren’t familiar with the procedure. There…

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Getting It Straight — Invisalign vs. Braces at Houston Dentists at Post Oak

Older generations can remember the days when options for straightening teeth were limited. Braces or dentures were, at one time, two of the few choices for improving smiles…

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