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Restorative Dental Fillings

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Restorative Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Houston

Dental fillings restore damage caused by tooth decay and cavities. When cavities form, the affected tooth begins to decay. This decay can spread, causing additional dental and health complications. After removing tooth decay, dental fillings prevent further decay and help restore teeth back to a natural shape. With dental fillings, the original root and tooth structures remain intact for a relatively fast and simple procedure.

At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, we offer dental fillings in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  Instead of a noisy air turbine dental drill, our dentists remove tooth decay with either a quiet electrical hand piece, or virtually silent and painless laser technology, depending on the procedure. Oral sedation is available to help patients relax further.  With electrical hand piece or laser tooth decay removal, teeth are quickly and thoroughly prepared for dental fillings.  Tooth-colored resin, matched to the patient’s existing teeth, is then added and shaped for a natural appearance, completing the filling.

Cavities and Dental Fillings

Cavities are incredibly common. Chances are, most people will have a cavity at some point during their life. While cavities are most common during childhood, tooth decay can affect people of any age. Tooth decay occurs when acids, from foods or released by the bacteria in plaque, wear through tooth enamel. After eating, leftover food residue causes plaque to form on teeth. Bacteria in plaque releases acids that attack tooth enamel.  When tooth enamel breaks down, acids can create holes in teeth, known as cavities. Cavities can be painful and may discolor their surrounding area.

Dental fillings are a two-step process for restoring teeth damaged by cavities and tooth decay.  First, the decayed material must be completely removed, preparing the surface for a dental filling.  Depending on the depth of decay, composite resin or porcelain is then added, shaped, and detailed to look and feel like a natural tooth.  Left untreated, tooth decay can spread to create a larger cavity, claiming more of the tooth. Dental fillings stop tooth decay and restore teeth back to their original shape.

The Procedure for Dental Fillings

At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, white, natural-looking fillings are available in a single visit.  Rather than obvious metal fillings, we craft fillings to blend seamlessly with the natural smile. Getting natural-looking dental fillings in Houston is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Schedule a dental examination by calling Houston Dentists at Post Oak. Oftentimes, dental fillings are part of necessary dental treatments.
  2. In a relaxing environment, tooth decay is swiftly removed with electric handpieces or dental lasers. Eliminating loud air-turbine handpiece drilling removes the sound and anxiety typically associated with traditional dental procedures. Additionally, oral sedation is available by request
  3. The prepared space is filled with composite resin. Our dentists then sculpt the filling to look and feel like a natural tooth. At Houston Dentists at Post Oak dental fillings blend with the surrounding teeth, creating a natural appearance.

Dental Filling Aftercare

After receiving fillings patients are generally able to return to their normal routine. Patients undergoing sedation may require additional assistance immediately following a dental filling. Dental fillings are made to look and feel like natural teeth. If a dental feeling obstructs the bite, talk to your dentist.

Some patients experience a temporary sensitivity to hot or cold foods following a dental filling.  Take care to protect dental fillings from excessively hard foods, as hard foods may damage or dislodge a filling.  Continue brushing after mealtimes, at least twice per day, and limit foods that may stain teeth.  Regular checkups at Houston Dentists at Post Oak can help ensure the integrity and longevity of dental fillings.

Schedule a Dental Filling in Houston

To schedule a dental filling in Houston, or to find out if a dental filling is right for you, call the Houston Dentists at Post Oak. Scheduling an exam at our Galleria area office is fast and simple. Our dental office is designed to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Going to the dentist can be relaxing!  Call Houston Dentists at Post Oak at 713-255-1029 to schedule a dental filling examination today.

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