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Periodontal Services

A wide range of dental care services at one convenient location

Same Day Appointments Available

Periodontal Services

A wide range of dental care services at one convenient location

Periodontal Care

Reshape your smile with periodontal services by Houston Dentists at Post Oak. Periodontal services are advanced cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.  Restore, shape, and sculpt the smile with periodontal services.  Periodontal services can help patients:

  • Sculpt the gums
  • Repair the gum line
  • Prevent, diagnose, and treat gum disease
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants

Smiles go beyond symmetry. Uneven or misshapen teeth and missing gum tissue can all greatly affect the smile.  For patients suffering from gum disease or periodontitis, periodontal services offer treatment and recovery.  Periodontal services go beyond the limits of traditional dentistry, shaping the gums for a full and healthy smile.

Periodontal Treatments

We offer a range of periodontal services to keep smiles healthy and happy.  At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, periodontal services include:

  • Crown Lengthening
    Excessive gum tissue can make teeth appear short. Many candidates for crown lengthening feel their teeth are too small, or their smile too “gummy”. In most cases, the teeth appear short because an excess of gum tissue is concealing the tooth. Removing the extra tissue is a process called crown lengthening.  Reducing gum tissue exposes more tooth surface, helping teeth appear longer.  Crown lengthening can also help in blending the gum line connecting implants, bridges, and other dental work fitted alongside natural teeth.Crown lengthening can aid teeth with significant decay below the gum line. If decay is close to the supporting bone, crown lengthening may be needed to create adequate space between tooth restorations and the supporting bone.
  • Gum Grafting
    Patients lacking gum tissue may benefit from a gum grafting procedure. Gum grafting replaces gum tissue lost to disease or trauma.  Gum disease attacks gum tissue, reducing the amount of healthy gum tissue covering the tooth and root. Replace missing gum tissue with gum grafting by the Houston Dentists at Post Oak.  Gum grafting has cosmetic benefits and can help prevent infection by protecting teeth and roots from bacteria.
  • Treating Gum Disease
    Gum disease is common.  Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue, often resulting in bleeding at the gum line, sensitive teeth, receding gums and more. Gingivitis can worsen left untreated, developing into gum disease called periodontitis.  Patients suffering from gum disease may begin to lose gum tissue and supporting bone, creating pockets in the gums and affecting the smile.  At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, the diseased tissue is treated and the gums are sculpted, restoring the smile.
  • Dental Implants
    Trauma, gum disease, and more can lead to missing teeth. A missing tooth can significantly alter the smile. Missing teeth create gaps in the smile and create an uneven gum line.  Periodontal services at Houston Dentists at Post Oak include dental implants for supporting replacement teeth or dental bridges. Periodontists are experts on gums.  Replace a single tooth or many teeth with permanent dental implants securely implanted directly into the gum tissue.

 Scheduling Periodontal Services in Houston

At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, gain the advantage of onsite periodontal care. Our dentists work closely together, ensuring patients receive the benefit of our combined experience. Dental procedures begin with a consultation at our office, located in the Galleria area. Periodontal services require collaboration between your dentist and periodontist.  At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, oral or I.V. sedation is available to help maintain a calm, pleasant, and relaxing dental procedure.

Shape the gum line to achieve an even, symmetrical smile. Treat gum disease and restore lost gum tissue.  To learn more about the range of periodontal services available at Houston Dentists at Post Oak, call 713-255-1029.


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