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Fast and Effective Dental Care

Fast and Effective Dental Care

We know how many things are on your mind at any given moment and how busy life can get. That’s why one of our goals at Houston Dentists at Oak Point is to provide superior dental care at an efficient pace. We value your time and want every visit to be meaningful.

Our founding dentist, Dr. Pigneri, is trained in multiple facets of dental health and can provide high-quality solutions for dental crowns, dental fillings, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and Invisalign. Our team strives for the best dental care, quick results and healthy, confident smiles for all our patients.

Dental Care, Exams and Cleanings

Staying consistent with dental checkups is a crucial part of maintaining overall health. Infections in the gums trickle down into the bloodstream and have been linked to diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

Regular cleanings help prevent illness by giving the gums a deeper clean than patients are able to do with home care. We can also keep up with monitoring your bite, bone structure and cavities with regular X-rays.

Early detection is key for maintaining a healthy smile. The American Dental Association recommends getting dental cleanings at least one to two times a year, although some patients require more frequent visits.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Life moves fast, and sometimes our patients need issues addressed quickly. Houston Dentists at Post Oak is proud of our ability to provide our patients with same-day dental crowns. We design and create porcelain dental crowns right on site, eliminating the need for temporary crowns and return visits. Our goal is to provide fast and effective dental care when our patients need it most.

Dental Fillings

Despite popular belief, it’s not just sugar that’s harmful to teeth. Even beverages like sparkling water cause damage. Acid in food and drink wears down enamel over time, creating holes in the tooth structure known as cavities. Even with the best brushing and flossing routine, sometimes cavities are just unavoidable. 

Dental fillings with Houston Dentists at Post Oak remove decayed material before using a tooth-colored resin to restore the tooth shape and prevent further decay.

Root Canals

Occasionally, tooth decay and infections can advance to a state where a root canal is necessary. When possible, Houston Dentists at Oak Point uses root canal therapy to remove infected tissue. Root canal therapy eliminates discomfort and saves teeth from extraction.

GLO Teeth Whitening

Are you ready to flash a brighter smile? We love giving our patients a confidence boost using the GLO teeth-whitening system. GLO teeth whitening can be performed at our office, or patients can opt to take home a personalized whitening kit. Our patients love getting clinical teeth-whitening results in the comfort of their home.

We’re able to achieve up to eight shades brighter in a single treatment. You can expect to see results immediately with professional teeth whitening at Houston Dentists at Post Oak.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’ve been dreaming of a smile makeover or need to restore damaged teeth, porcelain veneers with Houston Dentists at Oak Point may be the perfect solution. Patients with chipped, decayed, discolored or misshapen teeth can quickly achieve a beautiful smile with porcelain dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are bonded directly over minimally prepped teeth and are color matched to blend with existing teeth.

Patients are often surprised to learn that even a full smile makeover with veneers will look natural and give them the polished look they want.


Many patients come to us wanting straighter teeth without having to wear traditional orthodontic braces. With Invisalign treatment, we can make this wish a reality. Invisalign gets its name because it’s nearly invisible. A comfortable alternative to braces, Invisalign helps patients achieve the smile they want without painful metal or wires.

In many cases, Houston Dentists at Oak Point can get patients fast results with Invisalign treatment. Patients love that the custom pieces are removable and easy to clean, making it easier to maintain good oral care while achieving a straighter smile.

Whether you’re looking for a new dentist near you or you have pressing issues with your teeth, Houston Dentists at Oak Point will take care of you now and into the future. Give us a call or request an appointment online today.