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Houston Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are common dental procedures for removing infected tissue from teeth.  Teeth contain soft tissue in the center of the tooth, called pulp.  When pulp becomes injured or affected by disease the tissue can become inflamed or infected. Damaged pulp can be painful and, if left untreated, it may lead to eventual extraction of the tooth.  Removing the infected pulp with a root canal can save injured teeth from removal and help restore teeth back to their natural appearance.

What Causes Pulp Damage?

Each tooth contains a bundle of nerves and tissue within the pulp chamber, a space within the tooth. The pulp chamber is connected to the gums through the roots of the tooth, in areas known as root canals. If pulp or the root canals are exposed to bacteria, painful infection and inflammation may occur. Tooth pulp can be exposed to bacteria through:

  • Damaged dental work. Over time, dental work may become damaged or dislodged, creating avenues for bacteria to enter the pulp chamber.
  • Injury or trauma. Impacts can crack, chip, or otherwise damage teeth exposing the pulp chamber to aggressive bacteria.  Trauma can kill tooth nerves, requiring root canal therapy for treatment.
  • Tooth decay (cavities). Tooth decay will continue to spread to healthy tissue left untreated, eventually reaching all the way to the pulp chamber.
  • Gum infections. Infections in the gums can spread through oral tissue, infecting pulp within the teeth.

Infections and inflammation of the pulp may be painful or may appear as painless abscesses.  If you think you may require a root canal, call Houston Dentists at Post Oak to schedule a dental examination.

Root Canals: Signs and Symptoms

Tooth pulp can become damaged or infected through a number of different causes. As such, the signs and symptoms for recognizing the need for a root canal vary by patient.  Root canal therapy (also referred to as endodontic therapy) may be recommended for patients experiencing:

  • Pain, irritation, and/or sensitivity of the teeth and gums
  • Abscesses on the gums or pus drainage from the teeth
  • Throbbing pain in the tooth
  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids

Recognizing the need for a root canal may not always be easy. Bacterial infections of the pulp can kill tooth nerves, rendering infections numb and causing them to go unnoticed.  Infections may also remain concealed from the naked eye.  Regular checkups at Houston Dentists at Post Oak can help spot infections or damage and can help ensure optimal oral health.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root canal procedures typically span several treatments, depending on the patient. Despite the negative press, root canals are generally painless procedures.  Much of the pain associated with root canals stems from the infected tissue, typically ceasing once the infected tissue is removed. Root canal treatments at Houston Dentists at Post Oak are patient based. Still, most root canal therapies follow the same general structure.

Schedule a dental exam by calling Houston Dentists at Post Oak, located in on Post Oak Boulevard in the Galleria area.

Oral sedation is available for a comfortable, relaxing experience. The affected area is also anesthetized and prepared for treatment.
Damaged tooth material and tissue are carefully and completely removed from the tooth and roots; the entire area is sanitized.
The remaining space is filled with a non-organic material preventing further infection, sealing the inside of the tooth against the oral environment.

A permanent porcelain crown is fitted over the area. Color-matched crowns are designed and created onsite for same-day crown fitting.
Following a root canal, the area may remain sensitive for several days. In many cases, root canal recovery is painless. Over-the-counter pain medication is recommended for managing any residual discomfort. Aftercare may include prescription antibiotics.  Restorative root canal treatments at Houston Dentists at Post Oak can last a lifetime with the aid of proper dental care and regular exams.  For more information about root canals and aftercare, call Houston Dentists at Post Oak and schedule an examination.

Repair, Restore, Retain

Save teeth threatened by infection and disease from removal with a root canal treatment at Houston Dentists at Post Oak. An examination can help spot potential threats to teeth before they strike. Removing infected tissue can halt the advance of decay and disease before it’s too late. The number of visits necessary will vary by patient.  In order to deliver the best-personalized treatment possible, we ask patients to schedule an examination at our Houston office, located in the Galleria area.

Relaxing Root Canals in Houston

We want to change the way you look at going to the dentist.  At Houston Dentists at Post Oak, we offer a comfortable and relaxing environment, along with oral sedation, to help make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. Find out more by calling today.  Schedule an examination with Houston Dentists at Post Oak by calling 713-255-1029.

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