Same Day Appointments Available

Emergency Dental Services

A wide range of dental care services at one convenient location

Same Day Appointments Available

Emergency Dental Services

A wide range of dental care services at one convenient location

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are unfortunately fairly common.  If you need relief from a toothache, an embarrassing broken tooth, have swollen gums, infected tooth, or have even knocked a tooth loose, call our office and we’ll promptly address the problem and get you feeling better.

Unexpected dental emergencies often cause anxiety and discomfort, but the problem can be managed far better when you choose the expert services of Dr. Pigneri at Houston Dentists at Post Oak. Dr. Pigneri will provide an efficient treatment plan according to the exam findings and type of injury.

Broken Tooth

You may be suffering from a broken or knocked out tooth. This can happen because of accidents at home, in the car, or from sports related injuries. If you seek care quickly, we can oftentimes use the broken tooth to aid in your recovery.

Other oral injuries could result in chipped or cracked teeth. When these chips do not go deep into the tooth, they can be treated with cosmetic options to create a more natural look for the damaged tooth. This can be done with ceramic crowns, ceramic veneers, or even resin bonding. All of these options can be matched to the color of your teeth to restore you smile. However, if the injury goes deeper, we may instead recommend a root canal to clean out and restore the area, especially in the case of nerve damage.

Unfortunately, it is also fairly common for dental emergencies involving a toothache to keep you from sleeping or eating. Don’t let the pain continue! Come see us right away; we can help with that too.

Cavity or Tooth Infection

Your toothache could be from a major cavity, or from an infection deep underneath the tooth and gums. When the tooth is too damaged or the abscess too big, an emergency extraction could be the right solution. If however, the infection can be resolved and the tooth is savable, the Houston Dentists at Post Oak may recommend the tooth be kept.

If the tooth is savable, our first priority is getting you comfortable by getting rid of your toothache and resolving the infection. This is accomplished by a root canal procedure which treats the infection deep within the tooth. We then restore the appearance of the tooth with a crown.

No matter what your dental emergency is, call us for an emergency dental appointment at our dental office. We are conveniently located in the Houston Post Oak and Galleria Area.  Your comfort and proper dental care our top priority.


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