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Invisalign Success Through the Holiday Season

Hi there Invisalign patients!  It’s the holidays, and there’s plenty of good food to eat, which means removing your aligner more often than normal. It’s important to take care of your aligners throughout the Season. Here are some tips to help you achieve Invisalign success this Holiday Season.

#1 Brush Your Teeth and Clean Your Aligner Every Morning

When you sleep, your saliva dries on the surface of your teeth, tongue, and aligner. Remove the aligner and brush your teeth thoroughly. Clean the dried saliva off the aligner. Then, rinse your mouth before reinserting the tray.

This morning prep will remove bacterial build-up. It helps keep your breath fresh throughout the day. It also prepares the aligner to get through the day with minimal problems.

#2 Rinse Dry Saliva Off the Aligner

When you take the tray out to eat or drink, take a moment to rinse it. The dry saliva on the aligner is a prime place for bacteria to grow. Rinsing also prevents tiny morsels of food from clinging to the tray.

#3 Brush and Floss Regularly

Food particles become lodged into the spaces between your teeth. They provide a rich source of nutrition for bacterial growth on the teeth. The bacteria form hard plaque in the area between the tooth and gum. This plaque can eat away at the tooth, causing tooth decay.

Brushing and flossing helps remove the food particles between your teeth. It can also reduce the bacteria that can lead to plaque. It prevents bacteria growth on the Invisalign tray.

#4 Take Care of Your Aligners

You need to perform daily care of your aligners to keep them in good condition. Start by soaking the tray in Invisalign cleaning crystals or denture cleaner. This helps remove any bacteria and food present on the aligner.

Next, if you aren’t wearing the aligner, keep it in a case, closed off from the open air. This helps prevent bacteria from settling on the tray. It keeps the aligner fresh smelling.

If you are traveling, bring along your next set of aligner trays. That way you can continue treatment while you’re gone. Also, if you lose your current trays, you can use the next set to stay on track. Keep the extra set away from the open air until you need to use them.

Do not use toothpaste on your aligner. It causes discoloration and reduces the tray’s luster.

#5 Keep Aligners Away from Hot Water and Mouthwash

The Invisalign trays are made from a special plastic that’s made to stay shiny and clear. Hot water and mouthwash can cause irreparable damage to the aligner. Always use cold water to clean and soak the tray.

We hope you have plenty of fun this Holiday Season. Smile and enjoy the good food and treats. Remember to use these tips to keep your Invisalign aligner and teeth in good shape. If you have any questions wish to start Invisalign treatment, contact Houston Dentists at Post Oak. We are happy to help you achieve Invisalign success.