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How Can a Houston Emergency Dentist Help You Out?

When an emergency dental problem occurs, you need to find a dentist who will provide efficient and professional services. Today, dentists have modern equipment and materials to repair teeth and gums in a variety of ways. If you have a regular dentist, then call the dental facility immediately to arrange an emergency appointment. Alternatively, you can perform an internet search for an emergency dentist. Houston Dentists at Post Oak offers these emergency dental services for children, teenagers and adults.

Dental Emergency #1: A Cut on the Gums or the Soft Oral Tissues

If you cut your gums or soft oral tissues, then the injury requires treatment. Our dentists can clean the cut and repair it with stitches so that the injury heals properly. This can prevent a dangerous infection in the mouth along with preventing any additional problems with the teeth or the roots of the teeth.

Dental Emergency #2: Having a Toothache or a Gum Infection

When you have a toothache or a gum infection, it is vital to visit our dentist right away. At our dental facility, we can collect X-rays and complete a physical examination to understand what is causing the gum infection or toothache. These problems may require taking oral antibiotics or having the tooth drilled and filled. If you have a deep infection in the gum tissue or a tooth, then our dentist can perform an extraction or root canal.

Dental Emergency #3: Losing a Customized Dental Crown

If a dental crown falls away from a repaired tooth, then you need treatment right away to repair the tooth. You can bring the old dental crown to our office, and if it is in good condition, then we can reattach it to the original tooth, but our dentist can also make a new dental crown for the tooth to protect it while you chew food.

Dental Emergency #4: Pain and Swelling toward the Back of the Mouth

When you have swelling and pain toward the back of your mouth, it is often caused by impacted wisdom teeth. You can have one or more wisdom teeth that will require surgical removal to prevent painful impaction that can infect your other teeth. You are anesthetized during wisdom teeth removal, and you will recover at home by following our dentist’s guidelines.

Dental Emergency #5: A Broken Dental Bridge

If you have a dental bridge in your mouth, then it is likely a fixed device that is made from metal and plastic. Dental bridges are durable items, but if your dental bridge’s support system is broken or if the customized crowns are loose, then our dentist can repair the appliance. Contact us to schedule an emergency dental appointment for the repair of a dental bridge.

Dental Emergency #6: A Chipped Tooth

Our dentist wants you to call us for an emergency appointment when you chip a tooth while eating hard food or from a fall. Bring along the tooth’s chip while also protecting the damaged tooth. In some cases, we can use the tooth’s chip to repair the damaged tooth, but we can also repair tooth damage with color-matching bonding materials or an artificial customized crown.

Dental Emergency #7: A Dislocated Tooth

A dislocated tooth is often savable when you visit our dental office quickly. Place the dislodged tooth in a damp cloth, and bring it with you to our dental facility. We will clean your mouth before placing the dislocated tooth back into its socket, and our dentist can create metal supports or wires to hold the tooth in place. If the tooth reestablishes its blood supply, then it can return to its previous condition.

As you can see, the Houston Dentists at Post Oak can be of great help during a dental related emergency. Feel free to call us and we will be happy to help bring your relief.