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Never Ignore Sudden Tooth Pain

Sudden tooth pain can grab your attention quickly because it hits you out of nowhere. The pain may come when you are eating or drinking cold and hot drinks. Luckily, there is a reason for the sudden pain and the sooner you have it figured out, the better it is for your oral and overall health. For you to understand the sensitivity of the tooth, we need to look at its anatomy. At the center of the teeth is pulp that is made up entirely of nerve bundles and blood vessels. This layer of pulp is completely covered by dentin, which is the next layer. The dentin layer is made of soft tissue that usually transmits sensations to the pulp nerves. The sensations transmitted include temperature and pressure.Anatomy of a tooth

The enamel is the third layer, and it covers the crown completely which is the part of the tooth that is visible. The enamel serves as a protective layer for the two inner layers. It protects these layers from disease, and it helps in muffling sensations. This way, the tooth nerves do not become too overwhelmed. The enamel layer stops below the gum line, and the rest is made up of gums. Gums also provide protection like the enamel and shield sensation as well. Problems usually occur when the dentin below the gum becomes exposed. This is mostly caused by periodontal disease that is a bacterial infection, whose main cause is dental plaque. The plaque triggers inflammation, which in turn weakens the gums and causes them to detach and shrink over time. The gums can also recede from the teeth.

Once the gum has receded, it exposes the root area and leaves it vulnerable to environmental sensations and diseases, which travel to the pulp and affect the nerves. Tooth decay is also another cause of tooth sensitivity. Decay is caused by bacteria that feds on leftover sugars in the mouth. This leads to the production of higher amounts of acid that dissolve the enamel layer and make it soft. The soft enamel layer develops tooth cavities that expose the dentin layer. If not treated immediately, the infection can invade the pulp area and affect it as well. This puts your teeth at the danger of being lost unless you undergo a root canal treatment. A root canal treatment is a procedure performed to remove the infection in the enamel and seal the tooth.

The Houston Dentists at Post Oak Can Treat a Wide Variety of Dental Pain and Discomfort

Therefore, when you experience a sudden sharp pain when drinking cold or hot liquids or eating food, visit The Houston Dentists at Post Oak as soon as possible. Dr. Pigneri will diagnose the underlying cause for the pain and treat it accordingly. After visiting us, you should also practice oral hygiene to protect your teeth. This involves brushing your teeth and flossing daily and also visiting our office regularly for cleaning. Dental checkups are essential for maintaining oral hygiene because your dentist can assess your teeth regularly and determine if they are in perfect health. In case of an underlying teeth issue, the dentist can identify it early before it causes further damage to your teeth.

Never ignore any sudden sharp pains in your teeth because they may be a sign of something more serious. Remember, the earlier the problem is identified, the better it is for your oral hygiene and overall health. If tooth sensitivity is ignored, it can lead to loss of one or two teeth, which is never a good thing for many people. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding tooth sensitivity. You can also schedule an appointment with us for a checkup if you have any tooth sensitivity issues.