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How Dental Bonding Can Eliminate Gaps in Teeth

Have gaps in your teeth caused you to suffer from shyness or a lack of self-esteem? Do you hesitate to smile broadly in photos because you feel a great sense of embarrassment? Well, take heart, because you are in good company. Countless individuals are less-than-satisfied with their appearance due to gaps in their teeth. Even when the teeth at issue are otherwise very healthy, unsightly gapping can make them seem like a scourge. Fortunately, a fast, simple, and utterly non-invasive dental technique exists that can eliminate gaps and lift spirits.

The Facts About Dental Bonding

A common procedure performed by cosmetic dentists, dental bonding is a way to repair relatively minor visible imperfections including chipping and cracking in the teeth. Bonding is ideal for small-scale concerns.

One of the main advantages of dental bonding is the fact that it can be applied right to the affected area in a convenient, one-time appointment. There is no recuperation time necessary, and because it is non-invasive and painless, it makes sense for individuals suffering from a fear of seeing a dentist. There is no drilling or noise involved, and the bonding material is simply molded to fit the teeth.

How is Bonding Performed?

Dental bonding is applied in a very straightforward manner. The first step is for the dentist to examine the damaged tooth or teeth and then clean the area before proceeding. The bonding material will then be applied and shaped to fit the teeth. Implements will be used to shape and blend the material for a natural look. The last step is for the bonding material to be hardened with a specialized light. The entire procedure is surprisingly quick and easy.

Solving the Problem of Gapped Teeth

When minor gapping is present in a given patient’s mouth, dental bonding can often provide a convenient answer. The material is molded to create the uniform look every patient seeks. What’s even better is the fact that a stunning smile can often be achieved without the use of any sort of aligners or conventional braces. When discoloration, spotting or chipping are present, dental bonding can rapidly restore a beautiful look to the teeth.

Though it is true that effective smile correction often comes from invasive, expensive, and time-consuming orthodontic work, there are many patients for whom such a treatment regimen simply is not affordable, feasible, or desirable in any way. These are the individuals who should give serious consideration to dental bonding as a means to greater self-confidence and an improved appearance.

If you are dealing with gaps, chips, cracks, or staining that impede your willingness to fully engage in everyday social situations, now is the time to give dental bonding a closer look. Our team of professionals at Houston Dentists at Post Oak stand ready to provide the information and answers you need to make an informed decision about your dental care. We offer dental bonding for gaps in addition to a host of other treatment options that may suit your needs, so contact us today to discover the possibilities.