Getting It Straight — Invisalign vs. Braces at Houston Dentists at Post Oak

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Older generations can remember the days when options for straightening teeth were limited. Braces or dentures were, at one time, two of the few choices for improving smiles by fixing misaligned teeth. Today, numerous methods and treatments are available for correcting crooked teeth and creating beautiful smiles! With several choices comes the need to understand the differences — and this is a helpful look into Invisalign aligners versus traditional braces as options for straightening teeth.

Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Is the Better Option?

You may have questions about the options available for your unique circumstances and teeth — and Houston Dentists at Post Oak can help you! Enjoy advanced personal and professional care in a serene, relaxing setting — Nicholas Pigneri, DDS, Kathleen Akers, DDS, and the rest of the team ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish! Visit us and discover why patients choose Houston Dentists at Post Oak for their general and cosmetic dental needs. Call 713.255.1029, follow us on Instagram or learn more here.

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