Itero Digital Scanner

Invisalign® clear aligners have revolutionized the way Houstonians think about orthodontics since their debut to the market. They are always improving their techniques in order to obtain straight teeth and beautiful smiles in a faster, more effective, and longer-lasting manner.

The iTero Element™ scanner is the first step in the Invisalign smile journey. The iTero Element is a breakthrough in 3D imaging that has redefined what is possible in orthodontic treatment.

What is the iTero Element™ Scanner?

The iTero Element™ scanner captures detailed images of your teeth, mouth, and dental anatomy using digital imaging. 3D imaging creates a complete picture of the dental structure, tracks development along the way, and helps your dentist to predict your movements from the beginning. iTero scanners capture every part of your teeth, including what’s below, at 6,000 photos per second.

Goopy putty was once used to take dental impressions, which, while successful, was time-consuming, messy, and only provided one set of photos from which to construct orthodontic treatment.

That was back in the day; this is now. The Invisalign system uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a considerably more thorough view of the teeth, jaw, and root systems, utilizing the most recent technological advancements to perfect orthodontic care.

How does iTero Scanning Work?

During your initial visit for Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist or an assistant will use the iTero Element™ Scanner to capture 3D scans of your teeth, scanning over your teeth and inside your mouth with a small, handheld wand.

iTero scanners take detailed intraoral scans and provide full-color images for you and your orthodontist to see your teeth, jaw, and root structure using a combination of optical and laser scanning. Your orthodontist will be able to build a custom treatment plan for your specific dental issue using these images.

Scanning is risk-free, simple, quick, and painless. There’s no mess, and you won’t feel anything on your teeth, unlike putty dental impressions. Plus, the photos will appear on the screen in front of you, giving you and your doctor a complete view of what’s going on in your mouth before, during, and after Invisalign treatment.

What is iTero modeling?

The model created by the iTero Element™ scanner is a 3D picture, not a putty model. It offers the same full-spectrum modeling as a dental impression, plus more: the scanner captures the soft tissue in your mouth as well as the structures below, giving you a complete picture of your dental condition.

This model serves as the starting point for your Invisalign treatment: your orthodontist will use the detailed 3D images obtained by the iTero scanner to develop a treatment regimen utilizing a series of clear aligners that is tailored to your specific case.

Predictive modeling is also possible with the iTero scanner, which allows you and your dentist to visualize how your teeth will shift into their proper locations in the coming months.

The Element™ scanner’s accuracy and predictive capability allow your orthodontist to create a highly dependable clear aligner therapy treatment plan with trackable progress and amazing results.

Invisalign Outcome Simulator™: Before you begin, visualize your smile.

The iTero intraoral scanner gives your orthodontist the unique ability to forecast your teeth’s progress from day one by simulating the outcomes of specific Invisalign clear aligner interventions.

With the Invisalign Outcome Simulator™, you can watch how your teeth move from their current locations to their final, correct alignment with invisible braces. This instrument improves movement predictability and precision, giving your orthodontist more control over the microscopic motions of each tooth, resulting in better results.

It also helps you to envision the future of your smile once your Invisalign clear aligners are removed.

Is the iTero Scanner Safe?

Yes, iTero Element™ scanners are secure, precise, and pleasant to use. The wand hovers over your teeth to acquire a thorough image of your dental anatomy without causing any discomfort.

iTero scanners capture more detailed photos of the whole dental system, including the root structures and jaw beneath the surface of your teeth and gums, than a traditional putty dental imprint.

This enables your orthodontist to design your treatment more quickly and effectively, allowing you to begin your Invisalign treatment and begin your journey to straight teeth right now!

Does iTero Use Radiation?

No. The iTero scanners do not emit any radiation. It’s safe to use when pregnant. It is designed for patient comfort and eliminates the inconvenience of messy putty impressions while delivering rapid, consistent results.

The scanner creates a picture of your mouth and teeth using laser imaging; no radiation is used.

How Long Does an iTero Scan Take?

Another benefit of iTero Element™ imaging is its speed: digital scans of your teeth can be completed in minutes. Putty impressions take longer to create because the molds must dry, but with iTero, your orthodontist can create photos of your teeth right away. While you’re seated in the exam chair for the first time, you can immediately envision the future of smile during your complimentary first consultation!

This enables your orthodontist to begin treating you straight immediately. Diamond Braces is delighted to provide Same-Day Starts: based on the iTero modeling, we can often start your treatment plan straight away, even if you walk-in.

The Benefits of iTero Element™ Imaging Keeps You Smiling for a Lifetime

Unlike at-home aligners Invisalign works exclusively with licensed orthodontists for in-office treatment. Receive your orthodontic care from actual, experienced doctors in an accredited orthodontist’s clinic to get access to Align Technologies’s breakthrough technology, including the iTero ElementTM scanner, SmartTrackTM aligner material, and SmartForceTM attachments.

Customers take putty molds at home, rather than having them done by skilled experts, for at-home aligner brands.

The difference is obvious: Invisalign transparent aligners provide comprehensive technology, accurate outcomes, and smiles that endure longer. Without disturbing your daily routine, Invisalign treatment can improve your health, confidence, and happiness. Invisalign aligners are the obvious choice for your smile’s future.

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